Welcome to my blog. It has taken me long enough! I’m not entirely sure what I will be posting in the coming days and months (and years?). Maybe just some insight into the day to day operations of your favorite Eagles tribute band. And maybe a bit more. I’ve never been shy about sharing my opinions, as my wife Kathy will tell you. In any case, I hope to share some interesting tidbits, amusing bon mots and maybe a challenging idea or two as we go along.

Right now the guys and I are preparing for our concert at the beautiful Woodstock Opera House on April 28.  We love playing this theater!  I will keep you updated on our preparation over the next several days.  Should be a really fun night!


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  • Just saw you guys, for the first time, at the Woodstock Opera House. Great show! Sound was tight, harmonies worked, you’re all very accomplished. Can’t wait till you play the Oar, wonder what Mike will charge for cover, it will be worth it. Thanks for a great show in Woodstock.

    • Thanks Larry. It’s always fun to play the Woodstock Opera House. We had a wonderful time as we always do there.

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