Time Off

By the time we play our next show at the fabulous Tremont Turkey Festival, we will have been away from each other for almost 3 weeks. For Heartache Tonight, that’s a very long time. And once fest season starts we’ll be very, very busy. The first show back after a break is always interesting. We know there will be some rust, but that’s not always a bad thing. For me, a little time away from these songs that I have been singing for the past 11 years (and since high school, really) usually provides some welcome perspective. Time away almost always makes me appreciate the quality of the Eagles catalog and reminds me of how enjoyable it is to perform. Hearing the harmonies lock up on “Lying Eyes” and “Seven Bridges Road” after not hearing that for awhile makes it extra enjoyable.

Of course, after all this time off there is a good chance I will flub a lyric or two, which adds a level of suspense I could live without! In any case, we’re looking forward to hitting the road next Saturday to kick off festival season in lovely Tremont. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood. It should be fun!

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